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Wednesday, 13 November 2019
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Install or Download the screensaver

If you want to install the screensaver from a CERN NICE PC:

  Start->Settings->Control Panel->Add or Remove Programs; 


   Add New Programs

then choose

    "CPSS - Science and Physics Computing At Night"

and click "Add".

Or you can download the screensaver ( NICE login required !!! ):

  • Download the screensaver CPSS-A.scr  and place the screensaver in %SYSTEMROOT%\system32\CPSS-A.scr

  • Right click on Desktop and select Properties. In the Display Properties panel select the ScreenSaver tab and
    choose CPSS-A.scr

NB: You may also need to install the VB runtime environment, you can download it from Microsoft's Web-site at:




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