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A Modular Physics Screensaver
Using Spare CPU Cycles of Desktop PCs

New: Client Contribution Statistics

CERN has about 5500 Desktop PCs. These computers offer a large pool of resources that could be used for physics calculations outside office hours and also as background task.  The proposed client server application is implemented as a lightweight, modular screensaver managing the local job execution and a Web Application containing the physics job repository. The information exchange between client and server is done using the HTTP protocol.

CPSS presently is used to run the following physics application inside CERN:  Sixtrack for LHC stability studies (particle tracking)

If you want to install the screensaver from a CERN NICE PC:

   Start->Settings->Control Panel->Add or Remove Programs; 
   Add New Programs "CPSS - Science and Physics At Night"

NB: You may also be interested in LHC@home project, which is open to general public.


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